Going Nowhere

Going Nowhere is a project inspired by another project I did (see below) that mixes photos and audio. The software takes images and turns them into audio by reading the color and contrast information left to right.

I became obsessed with creating long exposures of streaking lights to see what kind of sounds they would make. I mounted a camera to my car and would fire the shutter randomly while driving home from my studio at night. Below are a couple of examples of the images and raw audio that was generated.

Once I had a collection of images and sounds, I asked the writer Brian Beatty to collaborate with me. I thought it would be interesting to use these sounds to set a tone for his work...and I also love the sound of his voice.

Brian wrote something new for this project, which brought the piece back to the idea of riding in a car at night.

Listen to the full audio of our Going Nowhere collaboration, performed April 24 and 25, 2015 at Small Art in Minneapolis.

Captured and Left Behind

After my brother passed away in 2008 I became fixated on old photos in antique stores as a way to think about death and deal with grief. After a while I had quite a collection of images and was asked to create something with them for an online art project, but thought that using the images on their own wasn't enough. I wanted to add an audio element and found software to convert an old photo of my brother into sound waves that I could use underneath the slideshow to add atmosphere. 

This is the photo used to generate audio for the slideshow.