2013 Review

As I recover from the holiday season, I want to review some of the highlights of 2013, mostly for my own record. In January was the opening of the first of three group shows I was in at Mpls Photo Center with the following photo from Paris:

Illegal street vendor, Paris Paris, 2012

The second group show was with this photo from Denmark:

Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, 2012

The third group show was with this photo from Minneapolis:

Minneapolis, 2010

In February I went to New York for the first time in more than 6 years to attend a workshop with David Alan Harvey at his loft in Brooklyn. It kicked my ass in the best possible way and over the course of the weekend I got to meet Michael Christopher Brown, Bruce Gilden and James Nachtwey. Unbelievable.

On the Friday before the workshop, I went to Katz's Deli to deliver a photo I took in 2007. It was wonderful. The managers thanked me a made me sit down for a free meal.

FH020009large New York City, 2007

During the same trip I attended a book signing event and met both j carrier and Antonio Xoubanova, both whose books I love very much. I even ran into Antonio the very next day at ICP.

In early spring I drove to Milwaukee to check out the Color Rush exhibit. It was well worth the drive and I discovered one of my new favorite restaurants, Wolf Peach.

The summer was busy as always, but I managed to go to the Minnesota State Fair for nearly 6 full days with my camera. I'm still working through the archives, but have been posting some of the photos here and on Tumblr. It felt good to go out shooting within reach of my home. Too often I wait for travel to inspire me to take out my camera.

DSCF5174 Minnesota, 2013

In September I went back to New York again to hang out with one of my best friends for a few days. It was wonderful to walk for hours and hours with my camera. I have a lot of images to go through, but have posted some here and again on Tumblr.

New York City, 2013 New York City, 2013

In October I got a chance to visit Los Angeles to shoot some backstage photos at fashion week and worked in a couple of headshot sessions while I was there. I didn't anticipate liking L.A. so much, but am in love. So much so that I'm heading back next week to do more headshots and should also have time for some personal work.

DSCF6913 Los Angeles, 2013

Perhaps the thing I'm most proud of this year is putting together a screening of the Saul Leiter documentary, In No Great Hurry at a local theater, selling over 70 tickets in advance. If you're not familiar with his work, do yourself a favor and find a copy of Early Color. Rest in peace, Saul.

I rarely talk about myself as a headshot photographer, but it is something that I love. The opportunity to collaborate with someone who is as motivated as I am to get a good photo is wonderful. It takes me out of my usual solitary way of working and allows me to meet some amazing people. This year I started doing headshots for one of the top talent agencies in Minneapolis. I'm very grateful for that and hope it continues for a long time.

Looking ahead to 2014 there are a lot of unknowns, but it's all exciting. I have a lot more travel planned as I expand my headshot photography business to Los Angeles and visit New York more often for personal work. There's also the daunting task of reworking my portfolio and rethinking how I present myself as a photographer, but that's for another post.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2014!

Saul Leiter documentary in Minneapolis

I couldn't be more excited about presenting a Minneapolis screening of In No Great Hurry, a documentary by Tomas Leach about photographer Saul Leiter, one of my absolute favorites.

When: 7:30pm on Monday, July 29th Where: St Anthony Main Theatre Cost: $11 BUY A TICKET

Note: The screening will only happen if the sales goal of 73 tickets is reached by July 22. As I'm typing, there are still 22 tickets that need to be sold. Please get your tickets early. It's happening!

I first discovered Saul Leiter's work through the fantastic On Taking Pictures podcast. I'm blown away by his bold compositions and use of color.

Please get your tickets early and help make this screening happen.

Special thanks to Bill and Jeffery of On Taking Pictures for helping me promote this screening. You can listen to episode 63 of On Taking Pictures at the 01h:02m:36s mark to hear Bill call me Greg, but nail the pronunciation of my last name. :)