Craig Van Der Schaegen

Sally J delivers the goods!

A couple of months ago I did an all day shoot for local singer Sally J and today she stopped by my studio with a copy of her new CD! I dig what her designer did with my photos and think her recording sounds great. The week before doing this shoot I watched Zack Arias' One Light dvd and thought this was the perfect excuse to do most of my shooting with a single strobe.

The first two shots were done with a Canon 580 EX II, bounced into a silver umbrella. I tried an Elinchrom strobe, but it was just way too powerful for what I wanted.



The following two shots were done with a Ray Flash, which I bought specifically for this shoot because the local rental place didn't have a ring flash available. Wish I would've thought to call Flashlight. I'm sure they could have hooked me up.



Let me know what you think. I'm pretty happy with the results.