Art-A-Whirl 2013

I just want to write a quick post to say thanks to everyone who came out to my studio during Art-A-Whirl last weekend and made it the most successful year yet. For those of you who couldn't make it, this was my setup:


What's most interesting for me each year is to see which prints people are drawn to. Here are the top 4 this year. The rear view mirror photo of the Grain Belt bridge usually sells well, but I was surprised that the Uptown photo sold as well as it did, even though it's one of my favorites.





Art-A-Whirl 2011

It's hard to believe that Art-A-Whirl was three weeks ago (and that I haven't posted anything since January!). For those of you not in Minneapolis, Art-A-Whirl is a three day open studio event and claims to be the largest open studio and gallery tour in the United States. Thanks to everyone who came out to visit, purchase prints and check out my work. It was a great time! I wanted to capture the flow of people coming in and out of my studio, so I made this time-lapse, using a Canon Timer Remote Controller (TC-80N3). I took one photo every 10 seconds for about 8 hours. If I remember correctly, there are over 2,800 images.

Minneapolis Art-A-Whirl 2011 from Craig VanDerSchaegen on Vimeo.