Shooting another model

Here's another photo I did recently with a lighting setup that I'm currently obsessed with. She's not technically a model, but she's a former Miss Minnesota. That's good enough in my book and I'm pretty happy with the results. img_9090-editsmall
© Craig VanDerSchaegen

For you photographers, the lighting setup was really simple: Two fluorescent work lights in front and one strobe behind her, camera right. I also used a couple of foamcore boards to keep light from hitting the background, but that was about it.

Shooting models

Over the last couple of weeks I started shooting with some models to build up a new portfolio. While my website represents me fairly well, I want to expand it to show that my studio work consists of more than simple headshots.

This shot came from a session I did with a model named Kari. She was great and I hope to work with her again.

The lighting was simple: An Elinchrom 600RX with a 17" reflector/"beauty dish" and a couple of 8' x 4' pieces of black foam core to keep light from spilling onto the background.

Stay tuned for more model photos. I've got a few in the retouching queue and have more shoots lined up over the next couple of weeks.