Spotlight on sound

Sound designer, Mike Hallenbeck

For the first time ever, almost all the professional sound designers in Minneapolis gathered together in one place—at my studio! I decided to spotlight them all, literally. You can view the full set on Minnesota Playlist.

Lighting info: The main light was an Elinchrom monolight with a 20-degree grid. The back light was a Canon 580EX II with a Honl 1/4" grid, which I intentionally left visible in the background.

Fluorescent headshot

This is a quick headshot I did for my good friend, Pearson Knight. He's a great hair stylist and one of the most positive people I know. The setup for this shot was simple, just two fluorescent work lights hanging from light stands.

I know I'm not the first to do this and the catch lights in the eyes remind me of what Martin Schoeller has done with his Close Up series and what Eric Schwabel is doing. Even so, it's a fun setup that gives a unique look.


I've used this setup with a few people in the past and sometimes the intensity of the lights can be an issue. I had one model who simply could not tolerate it and her eyes were watering so uncontrollably when looking toward the light that we had to abandon the idea.

Check out Pearson on Facebook for cool behind the scenes stuff from New York Fashion Week.

Sally J delivers the goods!

A couple of months ago I did an all day shoot for local singer Sally J and today she stopped by my studio with a copy of her new CD! I dig what her designer did with my photos and think her recording sounds great. The week before doing this shoot I watched Zack Arias' One Light dvd and thought this was the perfect excuse to do most of my shooting with a single strobe.

The first two shots were done with a Canon 580 EX II, bounced into a silver umbrella. I tried an Elinchrom strobe, but it was just way too powerful for what I wanted.



The following two shots were done with a Ray Flash, which I bought specifically for this shoot because the local rental place didn't have a ring flash available. Wish I would've thought to call Flashlight. I'm sure they could have hooked me up.



Let me know what you think. I'm pretty happy with the results.

Shooting another model

Here's another photo I did recently with a lighting setup that I'm currently obsessed with. She's not technically a model, but she's a former Miss Minnesota. That's good enough in my book and I'm pretty happy with the results. img_9090-editsmall
© Craig VanDerSchaegen

For you photographers, the lighting setup was really simple: Two fluorescent work lights in front and one strobe behind her, camera right. I also used a couple of foamcore boards to keep light from hitting the background, but that was about it.