Dope, Soap, & Hope

I'm reposting a video that the amazing Zack Arias made for his blog. I found it moving and inspiring; something I'll definitely view several times when I'm feeling down or stuck. "This goes out to everyone who fears your past. For everyone who wonders if you can make it. For everyone who hates your poor, lush, desk job that seems to suck the life out of you. Do you fear rejection? Make sure you watch the video." - Zack Arias

From a follow up post on Zack's blog:

Good news! Derrick made his way to blog here and has been blown away. He and his family are so grateful for all of your kind words. The video was viewed over 5,000 times yesterday. Now that I have his contact information I have set up a donation fund for him so that we can all “buy some soap” from him. Derrick doesn’t have an email address so the thought of setting up an e-commerce store to actually sell the stuff isn’t really an option at this point so let’s show some love and support by virtually buying a bottle from him!

Send a dollar. Send twenty. Whatever you want. I’ll make up the difference that PayPal takes so if you Give $20 he gets $20. He knocked on a door to sell a bottle so let’s make sure that door turned into the biggest sell he has ever made!

Now this is something I can get behind. I've donated. Will you?

Thanks, Zack!