Grand Opening, Grand Closing

And there it is: 2008 is behind us. A lot happened this year and I'm mainly writing this post so that I remember all of the good things that helped balance what was a pretty bad year. In August, my brother died at 34 from brain cancer. My best friend and I officiated his service and it was the hardest thing I've ever done.

Keith was sick for over 3 years and is the single reason that I had the guts to quit a job that I loved to pursue photography. For that reason, I feel it's important to count my blessings and remember the good things that happened this year.

1. The biggest accomplishment in 2008 was finding and moving into my own photo studio, which I've been in for almost 11 months. I couldn't be happier with it and the freedom it gives me.

2. I shot the first photo essay for Minnesota Playlist. The experience was incredibly rewarding (I love theater people!) and they were thrilled with the work I did. I want to do more of that kind of photography in 2009. It's what I love doing the most.

3. I had the amazing Brian Setzer in my studio, who accompanied his wife during her headshot session. I knew he was coming with her, but it was still very surreal to have him over my shoulder while shooting.

4. I produced and project managed a promotional video project for a software company. It was a demanding project, but I loved being in that role.

5. I was hired by an agency in London to do a shoot for an internal Cisco sales campaign. I can't express how blown away I was to get a call from so far away and that they were confident enough to hire me without ever meeting face to face.

Along with all of that, I had a blast working on the Minnesota Fringe website and shooting more headshots than I can count.

My first order of business in 2009 will be launching a new portfolio, designed by my friend Brian at Form And Logic.

Happy New Year!