Saul Leiter documentary in Minneapolis

I couldn't be more excited about presenting a Minneapolis screening of In No Great Hurry, a documentary by Tomas Leach about photographer Saul Leiter, one of my absolute favorites.

When: 7:30pm on Monday, July 29th Where: St Anthony Main Theatre Cost: $11 BUY A TICKET

Note: The screening will only happen if the sales goal of 73 tickets is reached by July 22. As I'm typing, there are still 22 tickets that need to be sold. Please get your tickets early. It's happening!

I first discovered Saul Leiter's work through the fantastic On Taking Pictures podcast. I'm blown away by his bold compositions and use of color.

Please get your tickets early and help make this screening happen.

Special thanks to Bill and Jeffery of On Taking Pictures for helping me promote this screening. You can listen to episode 63 of On Taking Pictures at the 01h:02m:36s mark to hear Bill call me Greg, but nail the pronunciation of my last name. :)