Michael Crouser

I first heard about Minneapolis photographer Michael Crouser through an actress friend of mine. Michael shot some beautiful promotional photos for a show she was in. I later found out just what an amazing photographer he is. Michael is probably best known for his Los Toros project, a stunningly beautiful collection of 16 years worth of bullfighting images from Spain, Mexico, South America, and France.

© Michael Crouser

I've been sad in the bullring, but also exhilarated beyond what can be found in everyday life. It makes one silent and it makes one gasp and stand and cheer and hide one's eyes. And it is beautiful, if one cares to pay attention. Form and shape, made and gone. Partnering with that which wants you dead.

© Michael Crouser

Be sure to check out Michael's other projects and portfolio. His new book, Dog Run, is coming out on October 2nd.

Michael Crouser Photography